The everlasting pull of home

Annabelle Hickson

For Glenda, the Tenterfield-based owner and creator behind the artisan brands, Little Echidna Home and Harvest Bliss there is an everlasting memory of growing up with things that are made to last – and made to smell beautiful.

Her creative drive was fuelled by establishing Little Echidna Home when her family was young, and then acquiring a known and loved label, Harvest Bliss – which she has now expanded.

Today under her Little Echidna Home label you can find a range of homewares that survive the everyday and look great too. When asked to describe how she plans her range, the answer was easy.

“The items I choose are built to last a lifetime, from enamelware or waxed canvas, these are things I consider almost unbreakable,” Glenda explains.

For Glenda this means her own products are part of her family’s lives. Her favourite product from the Little Echidna label is her Postman Tote. She loves it because it’s so versatile, strong and can be used to carry books home from the library, take garden tools and seedlings outside, grocery bag, swimming bag – you name it, it can do it all.

And when it comes to describing her Harvest Bliss range, Glenda explains the handmade natural products are made from scratch in her studio which makes it smell divine. Think shea butter, avocado oil, Himalayan rock salts, beautiful botanicals…. it makes going to work a dream.

Also under this range is a an expanded offering of herbal teas, sourced from a family business which she chose to support during the pandemic lockdown.

Living a more sustainable life

Apart from stocking things that last, Glenda believes it’s important to make the most of what she has and share what she can. With a big back yard and veggie garden – and lovely big lemon tree – she’s developed a reputation for sharing amongst neighbours and friends and supplying the lemons needed for a cheeky limoncello!

Being in touch with nature sees Glenda and her family enjoying the natural beauty of the Tenterfield Shire. Climbing Bald Rock, visiting their favourite place – Thunderbolt’s Hideout and swimming in local rivers.

What’s the next Harvest Bliss look like?

For the rest of the year, you can find Glenda in the studio planning new offerings for the range. She’s already planning a big planting of calendula, chamomile, lavender and botanicals in that garden of hers to keep her stocked up for the season.

How can you enjoy Little Echidna Home and Harvest Bliss products at Mirumiru?

There are a few ways you can experience Glenda’s products when you glamp at Mirumiru. We have a beautiful pink enamelware container in our fridges for food you don’t want to spill. You can also enjoy the hot chocolate (big crowd favourite so far!) and teas provided at each campsite. And as part of our optional pamper package we offer a relaxing bath soak option – kind for you and kind on the environment.

If you want to know more about Little Echidna Home and where its range of homewares and body products are stocked, visit Little Echidna Home.

Stay in touch with updates at; or and over at Facebook at Little Echidna Home | Facebook.

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