The magic of the moment: an interview with award-winning photographer Sera J Wright.

Sera J Wright

Remembering life’s most unique moments is all in a day’s work for photographer, writer and creative Sera J Wright. With an exciting history of travelling the globe to photograph some of the world’s most beautiful hot spots, today we are lucky to have Sera close to us at Mirumiru Bubbletent. She has established herself as one of Byron Bay’s favourite artists. Here she shares her journey, reminding us why she goes the extra mile to capture the exact moment.

What inspired you to be a photographer?

I’ve loved photography from a young age. You could find me taking photos on my parent’s Minolta film camera from my early years. I was always taking pictures with a point-and-shoot camera. A big influence was I grew up watching David Attenborough documentaries, and these were responsible for igniting a love of the natural world – for both animals and landscapes. Even today, I still love watching sunsets and sunrises and capturing them remains special.

How do you describe your style?

I love seeing the world through very colourful eyes. I love pastels and the colours of the sunrises and sunsets. My images have become known for being quite bright and sometimes more abstract with a washed-out technique.

How did your life take you from Byron Bay to Tenterfield?

With an immune-compromised partner, the pandemic had us questioning where we could live without crowds and potential health risks. Byron is so popular, but we don’t need to always be there. We happened to be here in Tenterfield repairing fences on my mother-in-law’s farm and made a spontaneous decision to buy a farm on the way home! It is the perfect location for my wine-maker partner and for me as a full-time professional photographer. I have the best of both worlds, being able to get back to Byron regularly for shoots – and Tenterfield is a great base to head out to locations for local and international brand shoots.

What’s been so memorable about photographing the Bubbletents so far?

The night sky shoot was my definite favourite. It’s complete dark sky territory out here, and seeing how many stars there are plus the expansive view of the night sky is remarkable. Shooting the Bubbletents is unique – just like they are. I have learnt they have a specific time of day to look their best, which goes for the people visiting too!

Are you available for that special moment shoots in Tenterfield?

Yes! I look forward to photographing guests staying at Mirumiru, and I know the property so well that I can make recommendations in advance. And that includes some unique locations nearby. And my everyday photography services will continue for local businesses, product shoots, and editorial and commercial.

How do people reach you?

People can follow me on social media to see my work and reach me at or 0416 369 705. And there is my website –

You can follow me on my socials:

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